What we do

We create software products for the mobile industry, including front-end applications, games, and back-end server systems.

Mobile experience

Our core expertise is everything mobile. We excel with iOS and Android. And we have no fear creating ecosystems with user bases in the millions.

The key benefits

Leverage our extreme experience in creating products for systems that have very tight contraints serving millions of users.

Unity3D experts

We pride ourselves at being top-tier experts with the Unity3D game engine. We excel at using every feature Unity has to offer for mobile.


OurPaths FREE!

OurPaths on the iOS App Store

June 27, 2014 -- Bitwise Design and Myriata today announced the launch of the mobile application OurPaths on the iOS App Store. OurPaths allows you to document your personal history -- as well as the lives of departed loved ones -- with immersive, fully customizable 3D tributes. Easily create a graphical timeline of your honoree’s life, import photos and videos into virtual rooms, and invite friends and family to contribute their thoughts and memories.



Bowl With Me FREE!

Bowl With Me on the iOS App Store

March 6, 2014 -- Bitwise Design and Megu Games today announced the launch of the mobile game Bowl With Me on the iOS App Store. Featuring the most realistic and fast paced bowling simulation on a mobile device ever, Bowl With Me lets you prepare for bowling perfection by practicing solo; when you are ready you can then up your game and play competitively with your Facebook friends or complete strangers through random selection with 1-on-1 solo games or 2-on-2 team games.


Want a consultation on making your next app or game?

Got a mobile game or app that you want made? Take advantage of our extensive experience and consult with us today to see how we can make your ideas a tangible reality. We are experts at creating and delivering products for the mobile industry including apps, games, and server solutions.


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